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Personalized Care

For Employers

Save Money. Keep Employees Healthy!

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The Care You &
Your Employees Deserve

Navigating today's healthcare is NOT simple and business owners are left to make choices for the people that show up for them each and everyday. That's a lot of pressure. Not to mention the often confusing federal healthcare mandates that make attracting and retaining a talented workforce challenging. 

Don't worry, We Care Family Wellness Center is here to help!

For Your Business

You and your employees continue to see
your cost and deductibles rise.

But has the quality of care increased?

Probably not. 


Our innovative practice model supports employers and employees focus on health, no matter the size.  

Access to quality Primary and Preventive Care  can reduce your ER and urgent care visits, hospital costs and specialty medicine. Keeping your employees healthier, more productive and satisfied with their healthcare benefits.

Business Meeting


We Care Family Wellness Center membership model of care paired with your health plan creates a cost-effective way for business owners to provide top tier care to their employees. 

We offer innovative solutions for businesses of all scopes and sizes. Contact us to discover the We Care Difference and how we can meet your company's needs!

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